Want to give Farshid a birthday gift?

Great!  He could do with some encouragment on his birthday: 3 September.

In 2014, just two weeks before his birthday, he was transferred from Evin prison to the brutal ward 10 of Rajai Shahr.  There are deep concerns for Farshid's safety in this unpredictable and volatile environment, where he is surrounded by hardened criminals and drug addicts.  He needs reminding that he is loved and that people are praying for him.

Here are three suggestions for birthday gifts for Farshid:

1. Sign the new petition for his release

2. Tweet birthday messages and images for Farshid to Iran's Supreme Leader (@Khamenei_ir) and Iran's state television (@PressTV): this will show Iran that Farshid is known and loved around the world. Remember to include #HappyBirthdayFarshidFathi in your tweet!

3. Share the petition and the #HappyBirthdayFarshidFathi campaign with your friends and family.


Thank you for giving Farshid a birthday gift. Thank you for standing with him in prayer.